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We have pharmacies in our clinics from where drugs can be collected. Our main farm animal pharmacy is at Three Rivers & Chapelfield Farm Vets and collections can also be from our Long Stratton clinic. All the drugs are stored correctly (temperature and in some cases light!). Our dispensaries undergo regular, official inspections by the Veterinary Medicines Inspectorate.

As well as checks on how we record in-coming stock; the storage facilities and our records of out-going (sold) stock, we must demonstrate a good level of knowledge of all the regulations. These inspections can be a bit nerve-racking, but thankfully we always pass!

Flock Health Plans

Flock Health Plans using the same plan as the BCVA herd health plans.

Health plans provide excellent reference points and information for your herd. They should be reviewed annually or sooner if a particular problem arises.

  • Endo and Ecto-parasitic advice.
  • Vaccination plans.
  • Blood sampling for MV accreditation.
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